Jovan is a Candidate to The 12th Suffolk of State Representatives.

Transparency will be more than apparent when I’m given the privilege to serve as your State Representative. Representing you, I assure an “open book” to my constituents and the Commonwealth in general. You will be kept “in-the-know” and will have a say regarding whatever affects our community’s quality of life. As a community member, I am invested. What affects you, always affects my family and me, as well.

I’m here to represent all of you! I will be the voice and the advocate for the 12th Suffolk constituency. Our community’s needs and concerns will be heard and promptly addressed. I am committed to working for the myriad of resolutions and resources our community deserves.

As your elected representative, I will be your advocate, and supporter.

Jovan will…

A true advocate who will fight for a much better education for our children in Boston, Milton, especially Mattapan, Hyde Park and Dorchester. Jovan will fight for the many resources and support that our schools are in dire need of to provide our children with an excellent education. For example, our schools need:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced teachers
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Community partnerships to address student and family needs
  • Wholesome and nutritious snacks, breakfasts and lunches
  • Physical education and the arts along with science and technology (STEAM)
  • and much more.
  • Increase the Boston Public School and Milton Public School budget.

School Buses
Jovan will fight to restore school buses for all Boston Public middle schools and middle school grades. Boston has the resources to supply school buses for our Boston Public middle schools. It is simply a matter of priorities in the budget. Our Boston Public middle school children’s safety is a priority that the city budget can and will manage with the appropriate advocate. There is no legitimate reason that the school buses were cancelled for any of our Boston Public middle school children.

BOSTON JOBS FOR BOSTON RESIDENTS. As your state representative, Jovan will fight to implement a four to five year residency requirement in order to qualify to apply and obtain City of Boston employment opportunities. For too long, non-residents from the suburbs such as Quincy, Braintree, Norwood, even residents from New Hampshire and Maine, move into the city for one year and obtain Boston City jobs that lifetime Boston residents should have priority to. Jovan want to advocate for Boston Jobs for Boston Residents by presenting a better Boston residency law that will provide employment preferences to US veteran residents who have resided in Boston for at least four years and non US veteran residents who have resided in Boston for at least five years. Jovan wants to give additional preferences to Boston residents who have resided in Boston for ten years or more and additional preferences to lifetime residents who have lived in Boston for twenty years or more. He wants to work with the city to enforce the other employment laws that guarantee that a percentage of jobs be provided to Boston residents.

Jovan will continue to work with the state and private employers to create more CORI friendly work opportunities.

Boston contracts to Boston-based companies
Jovan wants to implement a law and practice that gives Boston-based companies the right and priority to City of Boston government contracts. There is no reason that our City of Boston buildings, motor vehicles, to name a few, are being repaired by out of town companies when we have licensed and bonded professional Boston-based companies that can professionally fulfill such contracts for the same and/or better price.

Mattapan and Dorchester pay more for motor vehicle insurance than any other districts in Massachusetts. About two years ago a certain part of Mattapan changed back to Hyde Park. The motor vehicle insurance premiums decreased for that part of Hyde Park. Boston residents pay more for motor vehicle insurance than most other cities and towns in Massachusetts. Jovan want to establish an insurance bond that will enable Boston residents to insure their motor vehicle at approximately half the price that we presently pay Commerce, Safety, GEICO, Liberty, Progressive, MetLife, Amica and the other insurance companies that sell insurance in the State of Massachusetts.

Public Safety
As a State Representative, and forty-five year plus resident of Dorchester and Mattapan, Jovan has established and foster a public safety practice in Dorchester and Mattapan, Boston overall, where Boston Residents are the police officers who work with their fellow Boston Residents to promote and maintain a very safe and friendly Boston. Ownership and control of our public safety institutions and truly working with our neighbors and surrounding Boston Communities to restore a friendlier and safer community is more than a reality.

Inspectional Services Department and a Section 8 need to be more friendly to landlord and not be so quick to cite and or penalize and or hold rent payments for needed repairs that are not normal wear and tear,especially for home damage that a tenant may have caused as a means of retaliation against the landlord.

Under the Massachusetts statutory right of redemption, you should have five years to redeem your property after foreclosure and you should be able to buy the property for the same price that the mortgage company sold the foreclosed home to itself and/or an investor.

Mortgage PMI
Mortgage company need to stop collecting PMI when it is clear that the home has 20 percent equity. When the mortgage company fail to stop being along the money and the home owner can show that the mortgage company knew and or should have known that the property had 20 percent equity, the mortgage company shall reimburse the home owner within 90 days or learning the value of the property. The mortgage company should immediately inform.

Tax Breaks for Small Businesses in the community
For too long small businesses in the community have failed because of the heavy real estate taxes, state and federal taxes that they cannot afford to pay. The City of Boston needs to assist our small businesses in need as we assist many big businesses.

Tax Exemption Credit
Up to five years tax exemption credit for the many homeowners who reside in their Boston homes as their primary homes, however failed to file for the yearly residential exemption credit. The same tax exemption credit should apply toward senior tax exemption.

Mattapan Neighborhood Development Association (MNDA)
Activate the Mattapan Neighborhood Development Association (MNDA) that will work with the Mattapan residents, Boston City Government and oversee all new construction and major renovations that take place in Mattapan. MNDA should play a major role to insure that the 1.52 million square feet of vacant land in Mattapan are properly used for mixed income priced homes and apartments and not high-end priced homes and condominiums.

Jobs for Seniors
Many seniors want a paid part time job to supplement their retirement. Many do not want to just volunteer. Many want and need the supplement income.