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As your state representative

I pledge to represent all of the residents of the 12th Suffolk District. I would like to be your voice and advocate for all who live within the 12th Suffolk District. Our community needs and concerns will be my priority. I will lead advocacy efforts for the myriad of issues in our District with the focus of bringing resources and resolutions to these important issues.


As we all join together in this fight of our lives against the COVID-19 virus, our evolving consciousness is raised in appreciation of how we are all connected to and impacted by the actions of one another. To beat this horrendous disease, we must work together, care for each other and help those most vulnerable and in need of targeted support (be it food, shelter, medical assistance, social/emotional contact, etc.). If we don’t all follow the advice of the health care professionals (such as washing our hands, wearing face masks, social distancing, etc.) we cannot defeat this enemy. And no words can express the gratitude we feel to the medical providers and public servants for their sacrifices, commitment, dedication and unwavering care during this pandemic.

The aftermath of this coronavirus pandemic will affect us all in ways not yet totally discerned, including state, local and our own personal finances; employment opportunities; public and private education; small businesses; health care; the environment; public transportation, etc. There is much work to be done. As your next State Representative, I am the ideal candidate to provide the leadership required to move us forward as we seriously reflect upon and determine how best to enhance what is working, identify and promote changes needed to rectify the inequities and disparities that already existed but has now attained a national focus due to this unprecedented public health emergency. Now is the time. Together we can create a revived and improved 12th Suffolk District for all of us.

State and City Resources:


I consider myself a true advocate who will fight for a much better educational system for all of our children who reside in Boston and Milton. I pledge to fight for the many important and needed resources that our schools are in dire need of to ensure we are providing our students with a fully funded, student-centered, rigorous, high quality educational experience. Our schools need:

  • diverse, highly skilled and culturally competent educators
  • resources to support the education of the whole child
  • access to the latest technology
  • community partnerships to address student and family needs
  • wholesome and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • physical education and the arts, along with science and technology (STEAM)
  • an end to high stakes testing
  • total funding of the Student Opportunity Act.


Transparency will be more than apparent when I’m provided the privilege to serve as your State Representative. While representing you, I assure all of the residents of the 12th Suffolk District an “open book” to all of my constituents and the Commonwealth in general. You will be kept “in-the-know” and I will depend on your input so you have a direct say regarding all matters that directly affect our community’s quality of life! As a community member myself, I am vested! What affects you, also affects me and my family.

Health Care

In the wake of the revelations of the limitations of health care as emphasized by COVID-19, our current healthcare system must be reviewed and assessed for long overdue changes, modifications and upgrades where needed. Health Care and Health Insurance are very important matters in the 12th Suffolk District, as it is throughout Massachusetts. I will continue to advocate for Health Insurance and good quality Health Care in our community for everyone, with a heightened focus on our seniors and people with disabilities. I will also work and advocate to make it easier for young adults, who are not employed, to have Health Insurance and Health Care.

Boston Jobs for Boston Residents Ordinance

As your State Representative, I will work with all public and private leadership, including our Boston Delegation of State Representatives, Senators, Boston Mayor and City Council members, and non-profit organizations to ensure that Boston residents are benefiting from the Boston Residents Jobs Policy. For too long, non-Boston residents have been successful in securing jobs that residents of the 12th Suffolk would and should be able to secure. To enforce compliance with this ordinance, strong monitoring is required of the actual contracts and who the contractors employ in the jobs. My main focus for this initiative of support, is to make sure that residents of the 12th Suffolk District are offered reasonable consideration for employment.

In addition, I pledge to work with City and State elected officials and administrations to enforce any and all laws and policies that guarantee equity in employment opportunities to both the 12th Suffolk District residents of Boston and Milton.

Boston Contracts for Boston Companies

Jovan wants to implement a law and practice that gives Boston-based companies the right and priority to City of Boston government contracts. There is no reason that our City of Boston buildings, motor vehicles, to name a few, are being repaired by out of town companies when we have licensed and bonded professional Boston-based companies that can professionally fulfill such contracts for the same and/or better price.

Jobs for Seniors

Many seniors want a paid part time job to supplement their retirement. Many do not want to just volunteer. Many want and need the supplement income.

CORI Friendly Jobs

I pledge to continue to work with public and private sector employers to create more CORI friendly work opportunities.


I will collaborate with my fellow legislators to enact laws that will provide grants, loans and other opportunities for homeowners, renters and property owners to maintain their residence during hard times that we all are facing now and that may occur in the future. I will work to address homelessness in the City of Boston and support the development of low-income and affordable housing for rental and purchase. I will work for solutions to address the displacement and gentrification currently fueled by the exorbitant cost of housing. I will work with Section 8 administrators to improve the working relationship they have with landlords and tenants that cause many to lose their Section 8 vouchers. In addition, I will work with other legislators to enhance Massachusetts right of redemption laws to ensure that homeowners can actually exercise their statutory rights of redemption to redeem their homes within three years after foreclosure. I also want to amend the statutory right of redemption law to enable homeowners to buy back their home for the same lower price that the mortgage company sold the foreclosed home to itself and/or an investor.

Public Safety

I will work with both the residents of the 12th Suffolk District and our local law enforcement entities to ensure the promotion and maintaining of safe and friendly neighborhoods. We know that when you establish meaningful relationships with local law enforcement, residents benefit directly because fair and equally applied standards of public safety will and can only enhance improvements in their daily living.

Home and Motor Vehicle Insurance

It is a known fact that within the 12th District, both Mattapan and Dorchester, pay more for motor vehicle and homeowner insurance than any other Legislative Districts in Massachusetts. I will work with fellow legislators to enable Boston residents to insure their motor vehicle and home insurances at a lower price or comparable price to that of surrounding suburbs.

Mortgage PMI

Mortgage companies need to stop collecting Purchase Mortgage Insurance (PMI) when it is clear that the home has 20 percent equity. As your state representative, Jovan will work with homeowners and the mortgage industry to insure that mortgage companies do actually stop collecting PMI from homeowners with twenty percent or more equity in their homes. Mortgage companies who fail to stop collecting PMI and the homeowner who can show that the mortgage company knew and or should have known that the property had 20 percent equity, the mortgage company shall reimburse the home owner within 90 days of learning the value of the property.

Small Business Assistance

In response to the COVID-19 financial crisis, I will work with fellow state legislators and MA congressional representatives to provide grants, loans and tax breaks to assist our small businesses.

Tax Exemption Credit

Up to five years tax exemption credit for the many homeowners who reside in their Boston homes as their primary homes, however failed to file for the yearly residential exemption credit. The same tax exemption credit should apply toward senior tax exemption.

Issues To Come

These issues matter to us! Full statements coming soon.

Public Transportation

Environment and Climate Change

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