Mattapan is a vibrant community in the 12th Suffolk District. Its pillars are composed of families, small businesses, and dynamic local leaders who are seasoned in their ability to protect and advance the needs of their diverse neighborhood. Like many Boston neighborhoods, Mattapan residents share values that illustrate their commitment to afro American and Caribbean cultures, civic associations, vary dominations, and unique gatherings that truly speak volumes to those who call it home. This neighborhood includes rich greenery, beautiful parks, distinctive businesses, and some of the most beautiful single-family homes in Boston. Its growth has been lead by some of the most fearless local leaders that I’ve ever encountered. Tales of the partnerships that were created by neighborhood civic leaders past and present to improve the quality of lives of its residents are no fictional stories. As Boston continues to grow and lead as a city defined by progress in this nation, Mattapan has begun to observe the implication of such growth. Residents continue to work with municipal and legislative leaders to maintain engagement and investments that align the district with Boston’s development. The district is concerned with growing displacement, investments in local business development, transportation equity, healthy food access, thriving schools, and overall protecting the community’s unique identity. Local leaders and advocates tirelessly work to serve as bridge-builders for a community that is home to one of the largest youth populations in the City of Boston. Future offerings of opportunity and progress requires a leader who is well versed in the district’s social and political mobility. As a former Neighborhood Liasion in Mattapan, I have connected with dozens of leaders and applauded their authentic desire to serve the needs of their residents. I have also encouraged them to take the next step and lead with their communities through legislation that empowers social change. Jovan Lacet has answered that call to action. As a Mattapan resident of nearly 20 years, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and practicing attorney for twenty-three years, he’s invested in the district. As a candidate for the State Representative of the 12th Suffolk District, he’s committed to addressing the major issues of education, employment, housing, economic development, and infrastructure improvements. He cares about the thing that matters the most to every resident- their quality of life. He’s seeking this seat to craft innovative legislation and to build partnerships with current legislators to increase investments in the 12th Suffolk District. Deciding to run for office is never an easy decision, it requires a servants’ heart and sacrifices in the name of those who need you the most, your community. I am happy to call Jovan a friend, but I am proud to call him a servant of the district. I encourage every 12th Suffolk District resident to sit and meet with him and learn more about his commitment to their district and to cast their vote for a leader who’s invested in the growth of the 12th Suffolk District.
Ruth Georges
Boston Resident
I met Mr. Lacet at the Juneteenth 2016 Celebration at Franklin Park. June 2016 RDMH held a fundraiser event for the organization. I invited Mr. Lacet and several others. Mr. Lacet and Tito Jackson were the only two other than my friends and family members and dialysis patients who came and donated to the organization. In 2016 he asked if I would help in his campaign. I agreed to help. After getting to know him I realized this man really cares about people. He is not just about wanting to be State Representative to have the title; he has a good heart, he is personable and will make a difference as State Representative, representing Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park and part of Milton. Folks! On June 10th Mr. Lacet, Meredith and I were scheduled to meet to canvas. Unfortunately, there was a fire on Idaho Street, Mattapan about two streets over from where Mr. Lacet lives. When he saw the smoke from the fire he was very concerned. He said to me,” These people need help. I have to make sure they are going to have a place to stay tonight. You and Meredith can canvass if you want to or we can postpone until next week. Because of good deeds like this is one of the reasons I am supporting Mr. Jovan Lacet to be the 12th Suffolk District State Representative.
Barbara Gibbs
Nurse, Mattapan
My name is Mukiya Baker-Gomez and I am very proud to provide my support and endorsement to Jovan Lacet for State Representative in the 12th Suffolk. I have lived in the 12th for well over forty (40) years and have witnessed the exceptional leadership of this young man who has decided to step up and bring a new and inspired voice to the many issues that have plagued our district for many years. Jovan has never wavered in his advocacy and forth right understanding of what it takes to be a conduit to empower people in the 12th to take leadership to move these matters to a point of realization! We cannot wait any longer to vote for quality leadership that truly understands the current challenges facing the 12th. We need a young voice that is not afraid of speaking out and addressing issues that have caused widespread harmful impacts on our residents of the 12th. That is why I am asking all who read my endorsement, to vote Tuesday, September 1st for Jovan Lacet.
Mukiya Baker-Gomez
Political Activist, Hyde Park
Over the past decade I have had the pleasure of observing and working with Jovan Lacet in my capacity as public school educator and community advocate. I serve as the co-chair of a Mattapan neighborhood association. I attend numerous community meetings about matters of importance to the vitality and enhancement of our quality of life. Jovan is always in attendance focused on the comments of the residents and speaking up in support of their positions. One could say he is protective of the rights of the community and speaks truth to power when others remain quiet. For this I highly respect him. I also serve on the Board of Directors of many professional education organizations. Jovan’s advocacy for excellence in education is strong and relentless, whether successfully fighting for NO on Question 2, seeking greater funding for our schools, increasing the diversity of teachers, stopping the disproportionate closing of schools in communities of color or addressing any and all of the inequities and disparities that negatively impact the 12th Suffolk District. Jovan’s enthusiasm, passion, commitment and loyalty to issues he believes in are the driving force that will propel him to unconditionally represent our best interests in this district NOW when it is needed most.
Barbara Fields
Educator, Mattapan
My name is Jean Claude Sanon, as a former candidate, I am proud to add my name to the many people who have decided to put their support behind Jovan Lacet for election to the 12th Suffolk State Representative seat. Jovan has been consistent with his position on a number of community-based issues. He has never wavered in bringing attention to those matters that have direct impact on our citizens’ daily living. He is a true servant, who has paid his dues, with an extensive track record of effective advocacy! As an Attorney he has extended his legal services to those who could not afford to pay for legal services, particularly the elderly community, which I can attest to. As a Marine Corps veteran, he understands the challenges that our veterans experience every day and supports our local AMVET Posts, as a former Boston Police Officer, he understands the importance of "community" policing to build relationships that foster greater safety in our neighborhoods and as a practicing attorney, he knows the importance of "giving back" and what "quality" representation should stand for! It is because of these reasons that I am thrilled to give my endorsement and support to Jovan Lacet for 12th Suffolk District State Representative seat.
Jean Claude Sanon
Mattapan Resident
I met Jovan shortly before the last election at a neighborhood community meeting where we were addressing an illegal rooming house that housed known sex offenders. He was advising us about how to legally address the problem and explained how these rooming-house situations occur in under-represented neighborhoods where there is no oversight and people are too busy to notice what is happening until it is too late. Since then I have had the pleasure to get to know Jovan and I really respect the depth of commitment he has to his family and to his community. His wife has taught in the Boston public schools for 25 years and his two daughters graduated from Boston Latin Academy. He has spent the last 25 years as a lawyer and community activist, fighting against the illegal foreclosures and mortgage fraud, and fighting for transportation access, quality education and community policing. Behind him stand a number of impressive dedicated people who bring deep knowledge and experience in making the 12th Suffolk district a more just and peaceful community. "In unity there is strength" Meredith Sibley
Meredith Sibley
Artist, Dorchester
As a Boston resident and educator, I see daily the effects of injustice and inequities that impact the lives of those in our city and especially the learning and progress of our students. I look for and support Bostonians who are about correcting these inequities and closing the gap that many Bostonians face. I am proud to have found that in Jovan Lacet. Long before our local government and numerous organizations admitted to the systemic racism that has created our current situation, Jovan was on the forefront of fighting it. He is not just joining the bandwagon, he has been leading and fighting these causes for as long as I have known him. Not only has he been aware of the destructiveness of our current inequities, but he has also offered solutions to address them. Over the years, many neighbors and city residents have turned to him for his leadership and commitment, and he has been forthright and effective. I know that he will continue to be so serving us in the State House. With him serving as our State Representative, I can feel more hopeful in facing our current dilemmas, I can see us turning this tide, and I can envision a more just city that serves all of its residents. I support Jovan wholeheartedly, and I hope that you will join me in doing so. District 12 needs Lacet and Massachusetts needs Lacet.
Crystal C. Haynes
Educator, Dorchester
I am voting for Jovan Lacet because I have seen his dedication in action for the past 4 years as he's been involved not as a candidate but as a neighbor and head of a family within my community at monthly neighborhood association meetings. As our civic group deals with the day-to-day concerns of life in Boston such as illegal boarding houses; speeding through densely populated blocks with youth and elders; pet owners not cleaning up after their dogs; foot traffic and littered sidewalks and gutters; street cleaning; parking permits, school concerns, employment opportunities for teens, young adults and under/unemployed adults, health care equity and accessibility issues for all, especially elders and other daily issues, Jovan has been and still is a neighbor we can count on while dealing with these matters. So I believe he will continue this level of commitment and concern as a State Representative for the 12th District.
Robin Saunders
Business/Homeowner, Dorchester
I am supporting Jovan Lacet for the Massachusetts House of Representatives 12th Suffolk District seat because in order to represent the respective communities within Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, and Milton, true progressive leadership is needed. Leadership that will fight for every member of every family. Mr. Lacet cares deeply about this constituency and is willing to address the systematic change that we need in our society today. Please vote for Jovan Joseph Lacet on September 1st, 2020 for a fair and committed voice who is always pushing people forward.
Kevin Small, Jr.
Business Owner, Dorchester
Jovan Lacet is the leader you want to see in office. I have known Jovan for over 20 years as a colleague, friend, parent, lawyer, community leader and resident. He takes time to talk with residents, hear their concerns, advises them of their rights, and takes action on residents’ behalf. He also helps others to feel empowered to use their voices. He is there to participate in and celebrate community achievements and successes. Jovan is a person of great moral and character. He’s aware of community issues and takes a solution-focused approach to address problems and needs. Jovan is knowledgeable, competent, caring, kind, empathic, and is truly about the people. Anyone who’s had a conversation with Jovan will quickly realize this. We need to get Jovan in office. Please vote Jovan Lacet as the State Representative for the 12th Suffolk District on Tuesday, September 1st.
Betty Bernier
Hyde Park Resident
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